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About "2012 China zhengzhou construction engineering equipment
Author:     Date:2012-3-10 20:11:28    Views:9537

The exhibitors

First of all thank you for "2012 China zhengzhou construction engineering equipment exhibition" support and participation.

In 2012 China zhengzhou construction engineering equipment exhibition, originally scheduled for March 30, 2012 to April 1,, in zhengzhou international convention and exhibition centre. Due to the end of march sales season is, a lot of large-scale enterprise cannot arrange personnel and equipment exhibition participation; At the same time because the relevant government session of conflict, to the fair move-in time made a great impact, can't guarantee the scale and quality, and so on. The asked for a wide range of exhibitors and relevant unit, visiting the business opinion and the suggestion, the organizing committee of the exhibitors from the interests, the study repeatedly, special plan will delay time adjusting to September 25-27 hold, the field not ?

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